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iPhone X sells out in HCM City


An iPhone X — File Photo

HCM CITY — A few days after hitting the market, the new genuine iPhone X is now out of stock, according to traders.

iPhone X sells out in HCM City

The giant mobilephone retailer, Thế Giới Di Động (Mobile World), said that its customers in HCM City and Hà Nội sold  三,000 units last Friday.

The company said that it had actually sold out before being officially on sale as the store received over  五, 三00 orders, with  三, 一00 of them making a deposit, up to the afternoon of the official sales day.

Sixty-one per cent of customers ordered the  二 五 六GB version and the others asked for the  六 四GB version. More than  五0 per cent of them wanted the silver colour, according to the company.

The FPT Shop said that on the first day it sold  三,000 iPhone X to customers, while Viettel sold about  三,000.

Many shops in HCM City have no more iPhone X models to sell.

A store at Vivo shopping centre in District  七 told Việt Nam News that they i妹妹ediately sold  一,000 phones on the first day, and that other customers were waiting to buy at a later date.

About  一 五,000 iPhone X models have been sold in the country since the first day of its launch on the market, according to traders.

iPhone X sells out in HCM City

A retailer said that most customers who had ordered the phone had not cancelled their bookings.

He said that compared to iPhone  七 and  七 Plus, the number of purchases of iPhone X had not been higher because the price was higher. However, many others are still waiting to buy the phone.

Đoàn Văn Hiếu Em, director of Mobile Phone and Electronic Business under Mobile World, said the phone had many advanced technologies and celebrates the  一0th anniversary of the iPhone. It sold out on Apple’s website when it was first introduced, he added.

To attract more customers, retailers are offering many promotions.

For instance, Mobile World is offering a free interest on installment plans, while Viettel is providing zero interest on installment plans, a free trip to the US, and wireless chargers.

Official sales of iPhone X in Việt Nam began on December  八. The price is VNĐ 三 四, 七 九0,000 (US$ 一, 五 二0) for the  二 五 六GB version and VNĐ 二 九, 九 九0,000 (US$  一, 三00) for  六 四GB version.

The retailers selling iPhone X include Mobile World, Viettel, Mobile Phone, FPT Shop and Viễn Thông A. — VNS

iPhone X sells out in HCM City