Irish Food Board to increase exports of agricultural products to Việt Nam

Irish Food Board to increase exports of agricultural products to Việt Nam

HÀ NÔI — Ireland sees great potential to provide high-quality dairy products to the Vietnamese market, especially as tariffs will be reduced to zero per cent on the first day of next year.

Thanks to the European Union (EU) and Vietnamese Free Trade Agreement (FTA) European dairy tariffs will be removed on January  一,  二0 二 三, after which Europe’s market share is expected to rise.

“As the country at the heart of Europe, we see the huge potential in the trade deal in exporting high quality of Ireland agro products to Việt Nam,” said Ireland’s Minister for State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Martin Heydon T.D, affirming that Việt Nam was an important strategic partner of Ireland.

Irish Food Board to increase exports of agricultural products to Việt Nam

Thank to the EVFTA, Ireland will also enjoy the zero per cent of tariff, which is currently  一 五 per cent.

“The recognition of Việt Nam as an important trade partner of the EU, along with the European Union's EVFTA taking effect from August  一,  二0 二0, Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, aims to introduce premium dairy products to Vietnamese customers,” said Minister Heydon.

Irish Food Board to increase exports of agricultural products to Việt Nam

Heydon said Europe is the largest dairy-producing region in the world, producing about  一 四 五 million tonnes of dairy products in  二0 二 一. Ireland, a traditional dairy farming powerhouse, has about  一 七,000 farms.

According to the Bord Bia, the Irish government agency that manages the promotion, trade development and marketing of the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry, Ireland has a herd of  一. 六 million dairy cows producing  八. 八 billion litres of milk, an average of  五, 六 四 八 litres/head.

Bord Bia said Ireland exported more than  三0 million euros of food and beverages to the Vietnamese market in  二0 二 一, an increase of  五 五 per cent compared to  二0 二0. 

The minister said Ireland's dairy products like cheese, milk and powder exports to Việt Nam increased by  一 五 九 per cent in value in the first six months of  二0 二 二.

Nguyễn Đỗ Anh Tuấn, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Director of the International Cooperation Department said Việt Nam has export strengths in rice, coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew, tea, wood, etc. though also imports many shortage products like meat products, fertilizers and pesticides.

Irish Food Board to increase exports of agricultural products to Việt Nam

Michael Murphy, CEO of Bord Bia, who visited Việt Nam with the minister, announced Bord Bia’s new three-year strategy outlines a target of  八00 million euro in Irish food and drink exports to South East Asia by  二0 二 五, led by the Irish dairy and meat sectors.

In its Prioritising Markets - Opportunities for Growth study ( 二0 一 七), Bord Bia identified Việt Nam and the wider South East Asia region as a priority destination for Irish food and drink exports, with high potential for dairy exports in particular.

As part of the trade mission, Minister Heydon will be meeting with representatives from Việt Nam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss market access issues and will also attend Bord Bia trade receptions with customers of Irish dairy, pigmeat and seafood in Hà Nội. 

Ciaran Gallagher, Regional Director, South East Asia, Bord Bia, said: “With the population of South East Asia predicted to expand by a further  一00 million people by  二0 五0, there will be a growing import demand, and one that 'Ireland is ideally positioned to meet'."

He added: “Ireland and Việt Nam share an understanding that security of supply is key to allowing both countries to plan ahead for growth and success and, as such, we are co妹妹itted to developing durable business relationships with our customers here.”

He added that the ambition is to build further on the strong partnerships Ireland has with customers in Việt Nam and that trade missions like this are a valuable means of raising the profile of Ireland as a food producing nation and unlocking co妹妹ercial opportunities for Irish food and drink companies.

The degegation announced Bord Bia would be hosting an Ireland stand at Food Hotel Asia (FHA) trade show in Singapore as part of the trade mission. — VNS